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The AARWBA Ombudsman

Mission Statement: “To provide AARWBA members who have legitimate concerns (regarding issues such as credentials, access, and treatment by drivers, owners, officials, track and sanctioning organization personnel and other media sources), which affect their ability to perform their work assignments, an intermediary through which to address and attempt to resolve those concerns."

Process: An AARWBA member who believes he/she has a legitimate concern to bring to the AARWBA Ombudsman will follow this process:

1. The member will contact his/her appropriate regional Vice President, or a Vice President in attendance at the event.

2. The Vice President will review the situation and will have full discretion to determine if the matter falls under the Ombudsman Mission Statement. If so, the VP will attempt to quickly resolve the issue or achieve a reasonable settlement.

3. The VP will report back to the AARWBA Board. If necessary, the VP may request the President to activate the full Ombudsman Committee. The Committee will consist of three persons:

a) The VP who first reviewed the matter, who will lead the Committee;

b) A person, appointed by the President, who may have special knowledge of, or expertise in, the area of concern;

c) If, for any reason, it is deemed inappropriate for any Committee member to serve, the President will appoint a replacement.

4. The Committee will have complete authority from AARWBA to attempt to bring the member’s concern to the best obtainable resolution.

5. The appropriate regional VP will keep the member informed of developments throughout the process. The Committee’s on-going work activities will be considered “confidential” and not for the knowledge of anyone beyond the immediate parties and the AARWBA Board.

6. The Committee, upon completion of its work, will report back to the AARWBA Board. The Committee will then communicate its final report to all involved parties. The Committee will recommend to the Board what, if anything, to report to the full membership via the AARWBA newsletter. The Board will have the final decision on what information, if any, to make public.


* It is agreed the Ombudsman program, in general, will be most effective by working toward a resolution in a quiet, non-public way.

* Valvoline will be recognized as the “founding underwriter” of the AARWBA Ombudsman fund. Additional underwriters will be accepted.

* The above process and provisions will be used on a trial basis and subject to review by the Board at the annual AARWBA Board meeting in May in Indianapolis.

AARWBA Ombudsman Contacts:

President: Dusty Brandel, dusty@aarwba.org

National Vice President: Kathy Seymour, kathysey@hotmail.com

Eastern Vice President: John Bryant, jb@nazareth-racecam.com

Southern Vice President: Joe Jennings, jjennings500@aol.com

Midwest Vice President: Nick Dettmann, ndettmann@conleynet.com

Western Vice President: Ray Sotero, raysotero@yahoo.com

Secretary: Patrick Reynolds, reynol945@windstream.net

Treasurer: Rhonda Williams, rhonda49@gmail.com

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